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Who Can Benefit from CellFood

In one word, "EVERYONE" ! Read these endorsements:

Dr. H.M. Bodner, D.C., says, “I’ve utilized many vitamin/mineral, herbal and homeopathic supplements personally and professional during my 25 years in practice. I have never had one product impact so successfully as CellFood.”

Dr. Harry Aisleben, M.D., says, “Cellfood contains many of the elements necessary for the construction of life. It creates a reaction that escalates the body’s ability correct its own problems”.

Dr. Linet Stockdale, Hematologist, says “It doesn’t matter what type of health issue a person has. The addition of oxygen in the bloodstream, with the hydrogen molecule—which CellFood provides—will definitely help to create a healthier cell.

Peter Moscow, PhD., MDSRad, says “I’ve been in practice for over 25 years and during that time have recommended a wide variety of supplements-- and not one of them can match the effectiveness of CellFood. Calls come in every day reporting the profound changes that people are experiencing and often within a week of starting the supplement. What’s even of greater importance is that the improvements are often sustained over lengthy periods of time. Patients with the widest range of health conditions have all reported significant changes for the better. Equally fascinating have been numerous cases of improvement from athletes and other elite performers. Cellfood is simply unique and superb.”

Michael Coyle, Director of Research and Education, NuLife Sciences, says “The therapeutic effects of Cellfood:

  • Cellfood provides a steady flow of both oxygen and hydrogen, by splitting water molecules, to all parts of the body, thereby producing simultaneous oxidation and reduction.
  • It enables the blood stream to deliver a minimum of 78 assimilable trace minerals and elements directly to each cell for complete and direct nutrition.
  • It aids iin the digestive process. It contains enzymes and also is catalytic to the activation of those enzymes.
  • It assists in the cleansing of upper and lower intestines, and in restoring normal bowerl functions. This effect is often noticed within 24 hours.

Dr. Iain Johnson, DPM, says “I’m a podiatrist specializing in patients who have poor blood circulation. I’ve been successfully using CellFood with my patients for several years, and prescribe them for almost all my patients.

Excerpted from Cellfood: Vital Cellular Nutrition for the New Millennium (download and read in pdf format) by David S. Dyer, ND:

“All the ingredients in CellFood are natural substances. Cellfood has no alcohol, no glucose, and no ingredients that are on the list of banned substances regarding international, professional and amateur athletic associations. CellFood is made from the finest natural substances, which are cryogenically (extreme cold) and not chemically extracted—and are totally nontoxic.

The nutrients in CellFood are both ionic and colloidal in form. Colloidal particles are minute (4-7 nanometers in diameter), and because of the Brownian Movement Phenomenon, they take on a negative (ionic) charge and remain suspended in liquid. Because most bodily fluids (like blood and lymph) are colloidal and negative charged, the body perceives CellFood as normaly healthy body fluid, and allows the nutrients in Cellfood to pass immediately through the sensitive membranes of the mouth, throat, esophagus directly into the bloodstream.

The extremely efficient Micro-activated delivery system provides for over 95% bioavailability (rapid, usable absorption at the cellular level) of Cellfood’s 129 nutrients. This is very high, compared with the low absorption rates of tablets (25%) and gel caps (30%), due to the fact that tablets and gel caps are absorbed through the digestive system after various acids have broken them down. Furthermore, because CellFood is ionic/colloidal, the similarity between it and bodily fluids increases the bioavailbility of nutrients in Cellfood to every cell in the body. This increased availability of nutrients, and enhanced nutritional biochemical activity, enables the body to function optimally.”

For Sports

Top sports people who have tried out CELLFOOD report that they feel more alert, play a better game (e.g. tennis), are less out of breath, recover more quickly after sports, and generally feel more positive.

Mr. Grenville Scullard appeared on the SABC TV3 "Options" program, and said that CELLFOOD had helped his performance. As a gold medal cyclist who holds three South African records, Grenville broke one of his own national records as the fastest track cyclist in South Africa after taking CELLFOOD for just a few weeks.

For Couch Potatoes

On the other end of the health spectrum, those who do not eat properly, smoke and drink alcohol excessively, do not exercise, have no get-up-and-go in the morning, always feel tired and run down, can't get a good night's sleep, want more vitality and energy, and generally want more out of life, will greatly benefit by taking CELLFOOD.


Students, Teachers and Workers

With more oxygen and minerals in their systems, children, students, teachers, and workers (especially night shift), have reported back that the increase in their alertness level and attention span, as well as their ability to deal with stress and pressure, has amazed them.


Anyone Taking Other Supplements

Knowledgeable doctors have begun advising their patients to take CELLFOOD as supplementation to other medications, remedies or supplements they may be taking. CELLFOOD makes the other preparations more bioavailable in the body.


Those Wanting to Shorten the Duration of Colds

People report that a "cold" only stays for a day or two compared to previously, before using CELLFOOD when it would linger on for over a week. Remember, CELLFOOD is not a medicine; it merely provides the body with all the building blocks in order for it to function more effectively. Because this often results in a stronger immune system, a previously sick person now has the strength to resist the said disease.


There are thousands of testimonials worldwide about the benefits of taking CELLFOOD. People who seem to have an immediate response from using CELLFOOD are those who have been suffering from arthritis. Some have reported the disappearance of pain from their joints within a few days of taking CELLFOOD and later reported that their swollen joints were gradually reducing in size. There are numerous testimonials from people with diseases like cancer, AIDS, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, back pain, body pain, fatigue, cramps, skin problems, pneumonia, high blood pressure, stress, seizures, edema, tuberculosis, poor circulation, Alzheimer's, Fibromyalgia, and more.

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