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Protocol For Taking CellFood

cellfood_47CELLFOOD is a liquid concentrate. A best way to take it is to mix a specific number of drops in a few ounces of distilled or filtered water. CELLFOOD has a slightly sour lemon taste; and, if you find this unpleasant, you can then use more water or take CELLFOOD in diluted grape or carrot juice. Some people prefer taking CELLFOOD by placing a few drops on the palm of their hand and licking it. (Note that if you use ordinary tap water, the CELLFOOD starts purifying the water and the benefit you receive from the CELLFOOD is reduced.)


Recommended Dosage of CELLFOOD

How much CELLFOOD you take depends upon your individual needs. Each person has unique needs, and because CELLFOOD is a nutritional supplement, everyone responds to it in a unique manner.

Start by taking 8 drops in the morning. If you respond initially with a healing crisis, then either reduce or increase the dosage, depending on how comfortable you feel with the response you are experiencing. If you take fewer drops, the healing processes (and healing crisis) will slow down. If you take more drops, the process will accelerate.

If you experience no difference when taking 8 drops per day, then increase the dosage to 10, 12, 15, 20 drops, until you experience a noticeable response. Staying at a higher dosage will help bring your cellular oxygen to an optimal level faster. Most people end up maintaining their oxygen levels at 24 to 36 drops per day, either in one dose or multiple doses throughout the day.

You cannot overdose on CELLFOOD. Because it is a nutritional supplement made from natural substances, the body only uses what it needs, and eliminates the rest through the normal channels of elimination.

When to take CELLFOOD

CELLFOOD can be taken at any time. Many people take it first thing in the morning. Some people take it just before or just after a heavy meal, and find that it helps to avoid indigestion (due to the digestive enzymes it contains).

Some people take it just before going to sleep, and find that it helps increase the likelihood of a good night's sleep (probably due to the releasing of oxygen during the night). (Hint: Sleep Apnea sufferers.)

Some people take it just before playing competitive sport, for that extra boost and so that the oxygen can remove the lactic acid.

Some people take small doses three or more times a day to help them overcome a cold, or in time of distress.

The bottom line is that you can take CELLFOOD as often as you individually need it. Listen to your bodily requirements, and take it when you sense that you need to.

Keep in mind that if you are feeling run down or stressed, you probably ought to take it two or three times a day. If you have to do some strenuous work or sport; or have to stay up late at night to work, or drive somewhere, or entertain guests, etc., then take an extra dose of CELLFOOD just beforehand to give you additional stamina. It’s oxygenating powers continue to increase for up to eight hours.

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