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Could this be true - double or triple your life expectancy

Tissue Regeneration - Reducing Infections - Anti-Aging Sports - Recovery - ATP Production - Endocrine Gland Repair - Intestinal Integrity - HDL Cholesterol Levels - Cellular Immunity - Memory Enhancement- Lung Function- Muscle Performance - Cardiac Strengthening - Positive Neurologic Effects

DNA/RNA is the Only Supplemental Nutrient Known To Actually Triple Life Span!

Only one experiment in history has shown the ability to triple the life span of mammals. In this study, conducted by Dr. Max Odens, a group of aged rodents were selected, half in the treated & half in the control group. The usual life span of these animals is 800-900 days. All the animals were 750 days old at the start of the study. The control animals were given their usual diet and the treated animals received their usual diets plus the life extension treatment. After 12 weeks, the control animals had lost weight, moved very sluggishly, and looked unwell. In contrast, the treated animals gained muscle weight, were very active, and looked significantly YOUNGER. All in the control group expired in less than 150 days. The treated animals, in comparison, lived at least 850 additional days and up to 1500 days, doubling and tripling the usual life span. The magic remedy used were weekly injections of DNA & RNA. The important message contained in this study result for baby-boomers is that the study began at the point where the animals had lived 88% of their expected lifespan. That’s like a human being beginning for the first time to supplement with DNA/RNA at the age of 70 plus and still doubling or trebling their life span. It’s very much worth doing if you wish to extend your quality years of life by many years.

Cellfood DNA\RNA

This product is a proprietary oral spray formula of DNA & RNA bases called Cellfood DNA/RNA. It has been shown that the patented blue light shaping of the dna/rna molecules combined with the Cellfood in an oral spray may give you up to 95% absorption. Studies have shown that DNA & RNA bases may have 30 to 50 times more tissue utilization if provided by a route that bypasses the liver, as opposed to taking capsules or tablets.

Cellfood DNA/RNA also contains 3% of our proprietary Cellfood formula that has been shown to greatly enhance nutrient absorption. Cellfood also provides a full spectrum of highly absorbable trace elements, amino acids, and enzymes. Studies suggest that diets rich in trace minerals support maximum longevity.

Cellfood is the world’s first cellular regenerating formula combining nucleic acid bases (the essential building block on DNA and RNA), Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP - the master energy molecule), methyl groups (regulators and programmers of the aging process), and Cellfood.

CELLFOOD DNA/RNA utilizes another unique and advanced technology known as Photo Acoustic Resonance. This patented laser technology process pre-treats and tunes each individual nutrient by reshaping distorted molecule structures so that they can be more easily absorbed and assimilated by cell receptors.


Clinical research indicates that biological aging is regulated and programmed by the gradual loss of specific DNA markers known as methyl groups. At the age of 25, most of us have already lost 10% of our DNA methyl groups. When there is a 40% loss, degenerative death typically occurs. Longevity studies have shown that no single therapeutic method has increased lifespan more than nucleic acid (DNA RNA) supplementation. CELLFOOD DNA/RNA provides the most important nutrient factors for improving DNA methylation, which slows or stops the loss of methyl groups.

The H factor

Homocysteine is a toxic amino acid byproduct that accumulates in the bloodstream and tends to block arterial pathways. High levels of homocysteine may be an indicator of cardiac risk and has been linked to many diseases. A major double blind, placebo controlled study was recently conducted to study the effects of the methylation cofactors found in CELLFOOD DNA/RNA on homocysteine reduction and other important metabolic factors. The CELLFOOD DNA/RNA components (which also include Trimethylglycine) were shown to significantly reduce homocysteine levels by up to 44% - indicating an enhanced ability to protect and repair critical DNA and lower cardiac risk.


CELLFOOD DNA/RNA provides one of the most important nucleic acid derivatives to the human body, adenosine triphosphate. ATP is considered the master energy molecule and the fuel for cellular function. When a glucose molecule breaks down without oxygen it delivers only 2 molecules of ATP, wasting almost 95% of the potential energy. When combined with the oxygen from CELLFOOD, each glucose molecule can deliver a full 36 molecules of ATP. The end result is a dramatic increase in cellular energy.

Caution – Individuals diagnosed with gout should consult with their professional health care practitioner prior to using

In summary, Cellfood DNA/RNA:

  • Is the landmark, first ever convenient system for delivering DNA & RNA bases essential in anti-aging.
  • Contains the proprietary Cellfood formula shown to enhance nutrient absorption, and provides a full spectrum of trace elements, amino acids, & enzymes; Increases the oxygen supply to all your body tissues, which has given many persons a significant energy boost.
  • Delivers nutrients that can slow & even reverse DNA aging. Studies using these nutrients have shown reduced risks of cardiovascular disease, neurological disease, cancer, & birth defects, just to name a few; Provides L-Lysine & L-Proline, which recent research has shown this combination to be able to help to prevent the growth of cancerous tumors; Contains TMG (trimethylglycine or betaine) which has been found to be a b methyl group donator & helps to prevent DNA mutations and strand breaks; Contains the "master energy molecule" called ATP (adenosine triphoshpate). ATP has been shown to markedly improve the function of the heart and lungs, relieve nerve pain, reduce the growth of tumors, protect tissues from radiation injury, improve shock survival, and boost athletic performance & muscle function.
  • To give you the greatest possible effects, Cellfood DNA/RNA has been further enhanced, with a one-of-a-kind patented laser technology. This laser application has been shown to be able to enhance the biological effects of nutrients and make them more powerful gram for gram than ordinary nutrients. The combination of all these features gives you the most potent method ever for restoring DNA and RNA short of intravenous injection.

Suggested Use:

Spray Method: SHAKE WELL. Administer 3 sprays under the tongue 2 times a day for a 30 day supply. Can be used with meals or in between. If you miss a use, you can make it up with the next time you use the spray. Sprays can be divided as convenient for you. You may take 12 sprays per day for maximum effect. If you are too energized with use in the evening, shift your use to earlier in the day.


Cellfood contains DNA and RNA (nucleic acid) bases, TMG, Cellfood proprietary blend, Glycine, ATP, L-Glutamine, L-Serine, L-Lysine, L-Proline, L-Aspartic Acid, Vitamins B1, B3, B5, B6, B12, and Folic Acid..

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