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Cell Food enables one’s cells to have MUCH MORE of the two most important elements for sustaining human life, namely oxygen and  hydrogen.
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  1. cellfood_184Mitochondrion_x220Oxygen is essential to life because it enables the cellular energy making organelles in our bodies (the mitochondria) to create energy. It does this by enabling a chemical fire to burn inside us (similar to how oxygen enables fuel combustion in an automobile or in a campfire) so that our bodies can obtain energy from that combustion in order to live.
  2. Hydrogen is like coolant in a car engine. It cools down and controls the combustion (oxidation, heat or burning byproducts of combustion) in our mitochondria. This is very similar to how coolant or water in a car engine’s radiator cools down and controls the heat buildup in a car engine — so that the car engine or in the case of our human bodies, so that our cellular mitochondria don’t overheat and sustain oxidative damage.
  3. CellFood gives our cells and mitochondria extra amounts of oxygen and hydrogen (over and above what they would otherwise have), both enabling our cells to function at higher energy levels and to also avoid free radical damage inside our cells
  4. Cell Food reduces singlet, peroxyl and hydroxyl free radicals), so that our cells last longer without being damaged.
  5. But, that’s not all, CellFood also gives our cells extra trace minerals, amino acids and enzymes that help them detoxify.

If you’re not taking CellFood daily, it is because you don’t yet understand how important it is to have as much oxygen and hydrogen in your cells as possible. And, you don’t understand that out of very small habits grows that which is great. Take two people, any two similar people, and the one taking Cell Food will live longer and freer of disease.

Two Health Professional Testimonials About Cell Food (see many more)

Dr. Bettina Yelman, N.D.


Janet R. Lang, D.C.

This is the only product I recommend to every patient who comes to see me.

 Users of CellFood report many health-restoring results, including a younger looking appearance, and they generally feel more vigorous, happy and alive. I believe these results are due to CellFood’s unique benefits:

  • It is a great free radical scavenger
  • It increases cellular respiration
  • It’s a metabolically efficient catalyst
  • It has energy boosting properties
  • It balances the body metabolism
  • It supports accelerated healing
  • It’s a fabulous water treatment
  • It’s absolutely stable.


Because oxygen is so fundamental and basic to our physical and mental well-being, the therapeutic use of oxygen is broad-based. The following is a partial list of conditions that may be helped by oxygen supplementation:

  • Cardiovascular disorders
  • Muscle and joint problems
  • Candida
  • Infections
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Emphysema
  • Inflammations
  • Mood Swings
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Dimentia
  • Chronic Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Geriatric conditions

How Cell Food Should Be Used

Cell Food is a liquid that one adds to any other liquid or you can squirt it directly into your mouth (it has a lemony taste). The way it is normally used is to squirt 8 to 36 drops into any liquid and drink. This should be repeated two or more times a day. CellFood works its magic by splitting water molecules inside our cellular cytoplasm into nascent (newborn) oxygen and hydrogen for the next six to eight hours after being consumed. Learn more about how CellFood works.

Most People Are Oxygen Deficient Within Their Cells

Most people have less than optimal amounts of oxygen at the cellular and mitochondrial level because:

Due to the above, no matter how much one exercises or deep breathes and no matter how high is their oxygen blood saturation level, the amount of oxygen inside the cellular mitochondria may be insufficient for optimal function.

CellFood helps to overcome that cellular oxygen deficit by splitting some of the water inside the cell into nascent oxygen and hydrogen. Just in an ordinary glass, CellFood will increase the content of oxygen in standing water by up to 58% in just one hour. When ingested it does this inside your body. Cell Food has been shown to increase virtual oxygen utilization in our cells by up to 3.5%.

Most People Are Also Hydrogen Deficient

Most people have a high amount of oxidative stress (their cells are running too hot because the oxidative fires that create cellular energy aren’t being cooled down effectively because they don’t have enough antioxidants inside them. Oxidative stress is one of the main ways that our bodies age. Oxidative stress does great damage to one’s mitochondria, DNA and cell membranes. That’s why it is important for everyone to seek out antioxidants and consume them regularly. And, as an antioxidant, hydrogen excels.

Most people have never even heard of the capability of nascent hydrogen to neutralize those free radicals. Nevertheless, the secret of most so called sacred healing waters is that these waters contain large amounts of free hydrogen. Cell Food offers the benefit of nascent hydrogen without traveling to a sacred water site, and you can have the benefit every day.

Most People Are Deficient in Minerals and Enzymes

Minerals and enzymes are what allow our mitochondrial engines and tissues of the body to both maintain themselves in working order and to catalyze biochemical reactions. Because most people don’t have enough minerals and enzymes (especially as we go past our 30s), most people’s bodies don’t work optimally anymore.

A Grand Secret To Health Is to Support The Two Major Chemical Reactions In Your Body of Oxidation and Reduction

Nobel prize winning scientist, Otto Warburg, described more than half a century ago, how optimum cellular oxygen respiration is a primary key to avoiding degenerative disease. Unfortunately, most modern people’s cells are oxygen deficient and consequently less healthy than they could otherwise be.


This is where CellFood comes to the rescue. It was originally conceived more than 60 years ago by Dr. Everett Storey. It is a superbly cost effective to get oxygen, hydrogen, minerals and enzymes into the cells of the body. It will send a continuous supply of oxygen and hydrogen to the cells of the body and rapidly help them to overcome oxygen deficiency, creating immediate improved cellular health. The hydrogen will regulate the levels of oxidants by quickly neutralizing them. So, unlike many other oxygenation products that increase the amounts of harmful oxidants or free radicals in the body, Cell Food lowers the quantity of free radicals in the body, while supplying oxygen.

Cell Food Works by Splitting Water Molecules in the Body


Cellfood doesn’t work because it contains large amounts of oxygen or hydrogen. Instead, it works because it CREATES oxygen and hydrogen inside the body. The unique formulation of CellFood (deuterium sulfate, 72 trace minerals, amino acids, enzymes and electrolytes) creates an amazing water-splitting action that releases oxygen and hydrogen into the body. Cells become literally surrounded by ‘nascent’, oxygen and nascent, free radical-reducing hydrogen.


Taking 24 Drops of Cell Food Per Day is Significant and Beneficial Wellness Practice

By taking eight drops of CellFood three times a day, at a cost of about $1.00 per day, you can help stop the oxygen deficiency in your body’s cells and reduce the amount of free radicals in your body. This will extend life, reduce inflammation and help defeat (before it starts) degenerative disease. The water splitting action of Cell Food is the key. This oxygen and hydrogen release continues for about eight hours after consuming Cellfood. Consuming Cellfood will help you lower your CARR units rating (total free radical activity in your body) by as much as 100 CARR units. Also, by consuming  Cell Food  your cellular maximum VO2 (useable cellular oxygen) will go up as shown in the chart below:


This means that the total oxygen carrying capacity of your red blood cells goes up. Simultaneously, your carbon dioxide retention goes down. You will actually become healthier at a cellular and atomic level. For these reasons and more, you owe it to yourself to be a Cell Food user for the rest of your life.

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